What did you learn?

Yesterday was my birthday.  Olé!

I had the most beautiful day, filled with little joys and good company.   My friend Joe took me to out for lunch, and while I was enjoying roasted fennel, proceeded to ask me a series of questions on what I learned during my 28th year.

I ended up writing down my answers.  Here is the result.


What did you learn this year about…


* Happiness

Is also – if not mostly – in the little moments.

That dark night you watched the stars, the fresh air from the morning window, waking up in the arms of your love.  That one perfect dance, a real chocolate croissant with coffee, an unexpected -or expected- connection with a stranger, the little moments of a regular friendship, a letter from your sister…


* Life

Is fluid. Nothing is constant and you have to be willing let go when time calls for it.  Though adjustments can be difficult, everything will be ok in the end.


* Values

Freedom is first, Gratitude a close second.


* Relationships

Are best when built and lived organically.  Are fragile.  Hurt sometimes, though you are usually the one hurting yourself.


* Art and Creativity

Lately my creative process has everything to do with finding a deeper intimacy with people around me.  Finding yet a stronger way to connect, to be whole.


* Spirituality

Is like working out: it’s good to practice regularly even if you are not up for the membership.


* (close) Family

Matters whether you like it or not.  I realize how lucky I am in this regard, as mine is both a constant source of inspiration and the most solid suport system I have.


* Love

Constantly changes form, but doesn’t go away.  Current passion might fade the next day, stable love might become unsteady.  But once the heart has been marked, love remains.


* Career

Is a strange word.  I aim at self-sustainability.  No one above, no one below.  Me and the world.  Freedom of location, choosing how much I want to work, for what and whom.


* Money

Really doesn’t matter much.  Though it does.


* Health/Diet/Exercising

I have been better at eating well than exercising regularly.  Consistency and enjoyment are key to sustain it on the long run (yes to dance, yoga and a little at-home-weight-lifting, no to the gym).



Matters very much.  The “Small Army” concept – slowly building a little crowd of exceptional people.


* Vices

Sadly they tend to remain the same.  Trying to understanding what triggers them and where they are rooted is all I have.


* Home

Is where my support system lies.  Where my heart is at ease and my mind free to become.