Vancouver the Humane


I have found myself in the pacific north west quite a bit recently. Portland last month – and then again this month, now Vancouver. I was there primarily to meet my love out on his trip across north America, helping him take pictures for interviews he was doing. I also ended up doing a photo reportage on a harm reduction facility.

The time in Vancouver was sweet, it is a really lovely city. A city where cars stop to let you cross the street when the light is red for walkers. A city with mountains (that reminds me my lovely Grenoble in France), and the Pacific ocean near by. A city with free public spaces and the friendliest diverse crowd and shop owners.

But Vancouver stroke as more than lovely. It is actually one of the most Humane and honest place I have gotten to see. Vancouver takes care of his people – tries to at least. Visiting the harm reduction facilities offered in reaction to the difficult Heroin scene felt like a good metaphor for the city. A place where problems are faced, and humans are still seen as such even when marginalized or addicted. A city that celebrates diversity – like portrayed on this wall painting (picture above) photographed on a gigantic wall downtown VC.

And granted, I only stayed a few days. Granted, I was there traveling for the first time with my new love and maybe that colored everything in a more meaningful light – we actually found these three defining words together: lovely, humane and honest. Still, I believe Vancouver has something there, something worth going back for.