The Identity Map


My own identity map came unannounced during a meditation session where instead of being quiet my mind decided to be extra productive. By the end of it, I had the beginning of a somewhat elaborated map; a square-shaped map divided in 4 distinct areas, all linking to a central hub of my core identity. After that meditation session, I drew what I came up on a piece of paper, and I have since then often retouched and enhanced the original as I get more insights into myself and get a clearer picture of my identity map.

The clear purpose of this map didn’t reveal itself right away. It just felt like something that needed to come out. I am one of these individuals with many passions, and that sometimes can feel a bit overwhelming. Having a tangible map that I can make sense of and play with as I evolve has given me a great amount of satisfaction. It helps me make sense of the directions I am taking, but also to be clear on what core values drive me. It helps me balance my involvement in certain areas or on the contrary understand when I need to focus on a specific part of the map. Recently I even added colors to it and made a quick collage. I don’t think I am ready to share the finalized version of my map as I’m very keen to get them right, but I should I would share the first collage iteration of it.