Thanksgiving 2013


I spent this thanksgiving 2013 in the catskills at Lee’s house.
A beautiful group of people, and old house with its original furniture, a jacuzzi in the snow and many wizzle-isms. And Belgium waffles that brought me back to true childhood bliss!

Like every year around Thanksgiving, I want to remember the things that I feel grateful for. Like stated in an email I received yesterday, “Part of gratitude […] is realizing what you have that didn’t have to be that way”.
Among all the things that “didn’t have to be that way”, here are the ones that come to mind:

– a successful first year for Kholage, started early November 2012.
– getting a beautiful apartment in Bordeaux with the help of my family
– (re)connecting with my spiritual teachers
– reinforcing strength of family relationships and finding – mostly with Scott and my mother
– a full year of Monday Meditation
– the support of my community and the some beautiful new connections I made this year (Liana, Ryan, Lex…).
– new oppotunities for exploration