I’m speechless in front of the current political situation in France. I’m not sure where to start or what to say – should I try to explain the result of the extreme right by the disappointment and revolt in the country? (but then it feels like I am justifying it), should I scream and blame them/us all – my follow citizens, my nation for letting it happen? (but that’s not exactly constructive). Should I give up and stop carrying about politics anyway (but I do believe in personal and civic responsibilities!). Should I wish for the worse to happen just so that people understand what is at stake here? (but if that day happens, it will be a very somber day in History).

Really, I have no words. But somehow this low-resolution grainy picture of musicians playing on the toilets displays the irony, the absurd, the sadness and the revolt, the misunderstanding. And also there is a bit of hope. The crazy hope that despite it all this won’t finish in the toilets, that the music will carry on.