Robin: possibilities

Often times, when I find myself moving in a direction that defies the lessons that have been taught and the examples that have been set for me, I wonder why I am moving in this direction. The choice to do something new, for which you have no guarantee of the outcome and no guarantee of approval, is a scary one: You wonder if the risks you take in being different are your own choices, or those inspired by persuasive people your life, or choices born of unresolved issues that lie latent in your being.
As I get older, I realize that the goals I am driven by are less about expected outcomes and more about compounded possibilities. If my vision of happiness has a certain color, flavor, or style to it, chances are it can be modified, tailored and re-imagined by all the experiences in life that exist out of the realm of certainty.
The people and events that I am drawn to are those that are curious, unpredictable, and defiant of archetype. The things that truly scare me the most are being pigeonholed, classified, taken for granted, and defined. I want the people I meet to see me as being filled with possibility- the kind of possibility that does not allow your ego to congeal.