Recognizing the need for change


Once in a blue moon, we are faced with a situation that doesn’t work anymore.  Whether its structure is obsolete or some elements have slowly shifted, we can’t quite get satisfaction out of it.

Often times it takes a major event for us to reach awareness of an issue that has been building for a while.

Regardless of habits, comfort, feelings or fear, don’t linger: it is time for change, time for healing.

At first glance, change is emotionally draining; but consider its other angle: relief.   When handled properly, change forces you to realign with your core, to get red of red of attachments.  By returning to your center you will expand less energy and thus feel more grounded and sufficient.

A common pitfall in change is to give in anger, denial or bitterness.  Positive change asks for forgiveness – the act of fully releasing.  Let go; soften your heart and make space for grâce, as nothing lasts and your deserves better than being consumed hating an illusion.

Be grateful for the experience that has been had, and don’t deny the beauty of what was, as the value of experience also lies in its ephemerality.