Post V-Day thoughts


I said “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day”.  I was wrong.   I surprised myself partaking in all sort of V day activities yesterday… and  I loved it!   Who knew?   The teenager in me tried to cringe a bit, but it wasn’t working… something was up.

It started when I left the house in the morning and had a beautiful little note on my door from my talented designer neighboor Julie Mollo.

During the day my spirits were a bit low, which decided my love to ny-transit to meet me for hugs and coffee.   After many sweet words, I was ready to see the world under a bright angle again.

In the evening, I was invited to a women’s underwear santa party in a marvelous tiny bar – Louis 649 in alphabet city.   We drank fabulous cocktails, ate strawberries covered in chocolate, talked, laughed and exchanged the most fun lady stuff.   It was so good we talked about making it a monthly commitment.   I also got a little present, a joint craft effort of sugar skull eaten by some red evil demon (photo on the home page).

Finally, headed back to Brooklyn for some home-cooked dinner.  I really wasn’t expecting anything else than good food and good company… but the scenery I came to was unreal to the point that I still wonder if it happened.   The house had been re-vamped and decorated with all sort of things hanging from the ceiling.   Music, candle lights, and a 5 course menu was waiting on the table.   Such a bliss and such a wonderful day, I couldn’t spoil it in the name of not doing valentine’s day!