Personal Renaissance

Personal Renaissance

This past weekend I got to think about “personal renaissance”, a theme chosen by my friend Jeremy to celebrate his birthday.  For the occasion, a group of us dressed up as such and headed to the park.  The day was ideal: sunny after a snow storm, as if nature was alining with us.

I spent some of the previous day thinking about it.  How do I relate to the theme, and how could I possibly express it?

At this very moment, my personal renaissance means not being afraid of change and letting go of projections.    Welcoming transformation without getting stuck in fear and anxiety.    Accepting to be vulnerable without over protecting myself;  having faith in my ability to go forward and create an even better, more grounded version of me.   Not retrieving onto myself but on the contrary deploying that energy outwards.

I kept on having in mind “Dreams”, a song by the cranberries I really like [See the video at the end of the post].

Oh my life, is changing everyday,

In every possible way.

Though my dreams it’s never quite as it seems,

never quite as it seems.


Then how do I express this?

Red is what came to me.  Blood, fire, passion – life and death.  Burning like a Phoenix to rise from its ashes.  Red felt obvious.

So I put on my Fire mask, some red shinny leggings and bright red lipstick.   I went and I burned.



  1. It means so much to have your perspective — on this theme, and on the larger events behind it!