On Aging


I remember very precisely the first time I met my friend Elaine in the coffee shop she runs in Carbondale, IL. I had this funny and unique feeling I was in the presence of an older version of myself. She just turned 60 a few weeks ago, and I am truly very honored to witness the grace with which she goes through life. Below is the statement she posted as her facebook statement the day of her 60th birthday. I hope I get to be as awesome and inspiring when I turn 60!

WOW you guys! Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes. Needless to say, I had a wonderful day…how can you have a bad one with all that love streaming your way? Something I reflected on this birthday (which is a big one: six – Oh, right?) is that all that so much of what you hear about getting older is just crap. The stereotypical mindset is that it’s going to be awful, you’ll feel diminished in some way, won’t feel good, less mojo…whatever. And the fact is, I feel like a million friggin’ bucks. Wiser, more confident, sexier, more peaceful inside, clearer, more on point, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Where’s the problem, people? Sure, your body gets older, but who cares? Everyone’s getting older at exactly the same rate. It’s not like it’s personal.

I came across this quote: “I want to live everything with the most density possible. My relationship to time is totally different. I am so conscious that life might escape me at any moment, that everything has become keener and more distilled…I tell myself: All this happiness still, but for how long? So I devour life.”

from “Un Age Nomme Desir” by Elisabeth Weissman, quoting an older French woman

It’s so awesome to get to be here. It doesn’t last long, even if you live to a hundred. So burn it up! At the end, just a white ash will remain. Do not bank your coals! My tombstone will say, “She lived.”

Enjoy it, my friends!