Meet Allison

Plastic Dinosaur

Buying this plastic necklace felt like a re-union.  I had seen it once many months before in the summer, got distracted by its too expensive brass alter-ego, ended up getting neither of them.  Then I tragically spent months fancying plastic dinosaurs, which became a gentle but steady obsession.

And there it was again! -interrupting my Christmas shopping.  This time I wouldn’t miss my chance.

I started wearing it the next day on a bright pink sweatshirt, but the world wasn’t paying attention.  Still I was smiling all along, having a private discourse on worldly affairs with the dinosaur on my neck.

I started taking her out more often; and there she was, getting compliments.  She’s so green!  so sweet!  so happy!  so ferocious!  People would smile and engage in conversation.  But what’s her name??

Her name is Allison – as Drew* helped me name her, and she makes me happy: joy is in little things.
[*credit being an important matter].