Marquis: Male PMS

Being Mr. Empathy has both an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage, people tend to reveal their emotional selves to me because I am a receptive soul, a listener. I get to know people on a totally different level than most; obtaining valuable insight into our connections at those moments. I emotionally feel their whole story without their knowledge at times, which is often their real self. This is rare in New York City.
The disadvantage, I tend to carry all of their emotional dumps with me, which now is starting lead to emotional PMS moments. People share happy moments with me at times, but generally urgently requested conversations normally travels down the roads of despair. The level of my empathy is so deep at times; I don’t even need to speak with anyone. I can feel their emotional agony, no matter how subtle or resistant they maybe in sharing.

As a result, I become bitchy for about 6 days per month on average. I don’t want to hear a word or see a single face. Everything seems to bother me. I don’t want help by listen to things gloomy or jubilant. My answer has become more and more, No, No and No, especially when I am capturing those depressing frequencies. I don’t want to hear their problems until I have had a moment to unload some of the baggage that we empathy personalities often carry to our graves. Without reason or notice, these obtained emotions cause as self-reflection. Everything becomes complete and uttered shit to me. Eating, sleeping, walking, typing, working, smiling, thinking, drinking, talking, they all become a major nuisance. Things become very unclear.  When this depression leaves, I fearfully await my next moon cycle. I think I am on a 28 days cycle of PMS.