Let’s face it


It is one thing to feel brave, and while envisioning (or purposefully not envisioning 😉 a potentially difficult situation thinking: “I can do this”.
Yet it is another thing to experience that situation, especially without having anything to fall back to.

Not that the initial sentiment has no validity – on the contrary it is often a sine qua non condition to land the “real” situation. The original naïvety is both a protection and a blessing to throw out the necessary energy to get the action done.

When the situation grows from projection to reality, many unforeseen elements might come into play. This will represent the true difficulty, as the mind will not have prepared for all sneaky kinds of adversity and might feel overwhelmed, weak or defeated.

And yet, in these moments persist. Face your fears in the eye. Fight, scream, cringe, erupt, collapse, get back up, fume, cry, whatever it takes. Hold in there. Arm yourself with patience and honesty and stay with your fears until the morning, because there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you “have done it” and seeing to what new level that courage has brought you.