La Bohême


A good part of this year has been spent trying to understand my values and what matters to me (my “core desired feelings“) – the identity map being part of that overall process. La “Boheme” is a concept that spoke to me for as long as I can remember – I come from Rimbaud’s hometown of, after all. When it was recently brought up in conversation a few weeks ago, it felt like an Eureka. Yes! That’s one of my words: it belongs on my map. As I was trying to further define the concept, this is what I came up with:

La Bohême is living for now, it’s being on the road, and not having more belongings than what you can carry with yourself. It’s being free, but also thoughtful and generous. It’s being humane, and connected to the things that matter – community, helping, love, the Work. It’s not taking ourselves too seriously. It’s doing our best, but realizing we have faults and celebrating it all. It’s appreciating every little pleasure that life can give you… the smiles, the shapes, the loves, the taste of raspberries (and chocolate), the pregnant women, the wind in our hair, the stars in the sky, the fireflies in the night, the poems whispered… Realizing that’s all we have, and that it’s enough.