“I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known”



I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known, so I created the world so I might be known  (Islamic Tradition)


I started taking voice lesson a few months ago after meeting an extra-ordinary singer (Bisan Toron) at a Sufi retreat. Extraordinary because on top of having a crystal clear powerful voice, there was something different about her singing, something profound that shook me up with emotions:  she was breathing in total honesty with her entire being. There was technique, but she was not hiding behind it; she was singing all of her dimensions, vulnerability included, and it was absolutely beautiful.

I had wanted to take voice lessons for many years. While I experience an ease of body movement that was gained through dancing most of my life, singing in comparison always felt stiff and difficult. But like the dark messy corner of a room that you’d rather ignore than cleaning up, I was avoiding it.

When I met Bisan that weekend of early February, it felt like a call: it was time to finally clean that corner.   I am grateful that we have been meeting for “voice lessons” regularly since.
Don’t ask me for Karaoke (yet), I’m not learning any pop songs nor to sing pretty: for now I’m learning to get out dirty creatures and longings that have been trapped inside for too long.

It is a very emotional and therapeutical work that makes me become a freer version of myself.   What’s more, I am now more determined then ever to live and bring out my entire being, and fully explore my treasure that longed to be known.