Happy Together


My mother came to visit me in nyc for 2 weeks. I was really excited but also a bit anxious to share my small space with her for this long.
I wanted her to engage in activities she normally wouldn’t have access to as well as to get her to share and understand my life here to the fullest extend.
I crafted a schedule that would mix fun activities with meeting close friends, and had her take part in my regular activities – whether sitting in silence for meditation or listening to blue grass at a small hidden venue in Brooklyn.
Among all this, the one experience that stood out was sharing a voice lesson together. Singing was a bit taboo in my family, like something embarrassing that people don’t do. My sister and I always tried to stop our mother from singing, as if we were ashamed of it. And yet my mother can sing! Despite my shyness to sing in public, I definitely can sing as well as I discovered earlier this year when I finally started taking voice lesson. Getting over this singing anxiety has been a real therapy for me.
As my mother’s visit was approaching I realized that I owed her the freedom to sing, that I had to unchaste the spell. After talking with my instructor, we decided to scheduled her a lesson on her own, followed by one together the next week.
And finally there we were, in a room singing together, happy together.