Once decided on a major goal, one that takes time and commitment, it is easy to find distractions along the way. Short time amusements, all-the-sudden-urgent goals and other procrastinations… : anything that keeps us from really nailing down the project, mostly because its scope makes it feel overwhelming.

You do want to find the right balance between achieving your goal and enjoying life all along, as you never know what is coming next. Still, being persistent and focused is key.

When I find myself in a distracted situation I look above my desk at the frame I hung there. It is an empty wooden frame; empty because it doesn’t frame a pretty picture or anything visual: it frames my focus and emphasizes what I decided for myself.

Its simplicity reminds me that in order to get the gorgeous painting I’m after, all I need is to concentrate my energy on what’s inside of the frame rather than on the entire wall.