Finding what the soul wants



I have always been at ease dancing, but being exposed to Ecstatic Dancing* a few months ago was a revelation.  No rules, constraints, patterns, partner or alcohol;  you and yourself, in the dark, finding out what movements feels right in this very instant.  A perfect opportunity to loose yourself to the rhythm and be present to your inner self.  It feels so good that I instantly became a regular!

A bit more recently I started taking voice lessons with an outstanding woman I met at a Sufi retreat upstate.   The parallel with my recent dance discovery is striking.   So far it has had little to do with “singing well” and everything to do with finding what the soul wants;  finding how to be in touch with one self and channeling intimate longings through the breath.  I am not singing pretty songs, but I am allowing new sides of myself to get out.  It is all the more rewarding that singing is not as intuitive a territory as dancing to me.

So I feel like an explorer en route for new adventures… and what’s best: the treasure is within.


*in NY I go to No Lights No Lycra in Greenpoint.