Guest Article: Thoughts Approaching a Birthday – by Corey


Perhaps the most crucial and seldom realized human capacity is the ability to change one’s mind, to grow. Commitment to our ideas and frameworks weighs us down, becoming a projection of ourselves we drag behind us. This behavior often leaves us unmoved by the new evidence and arguments of the present, both hands still anchored to the past. But a relief and excitement can be found in relinquishing our preconceptions to meet the present unburdened.

In the past five years, many of my views have been challenged and changed. This process of growth, sometimes mistaken as a collection of -isms (feminism, atheism, nonmonogamy etc), has only been made possible through a willingness to put down the beliefs I have made investments in and pick up only that which survives critical scrutiny. In every instance, the resulting change has better situated me to identify ignorance, delusion and unnecessary suffering.

This Saturday I will turn twenty-seven and I’ve never been more excited for the coming year. We simply do not know who we will be a year from now. This is an amazing fact about us. How will I change? What have I been wrong or confused about until now? The content change may be impossible to foresee. But, being guided by a willingness to confront the evidence and arguments of the present, the person who emerges is likely to see the world more clearly, express himself more honestly, and treat others more compassionately.

Corey Farach