Become More than A Dream

The talks from Psychedelic Science 2017 are out!

A playlist of over 50 talks is already available on Youtube, more to come soon on


Meanwhile, these are the talks that most impacted me:

* Ben Sessa: MDMA therapy, a child’s psychiatrist perspective

* James Fadiman & Sophia Korb: Microdosing – The Phenomenon, Research Results & Startling Surprises
See also their site on microdosing for enrolling in the study and more protocol information.

* Marcela Ot’alora & Bruce Poulter: MDMA as Profound Change Agent in PTSD Research by MAPS

* Bob Jesse: Uncertain paths from Re-emergence to Renessances

* David Nichols & Franz Vollenweider Q&A: Psychedelic Neuroscience

* Cancer at the Dinner Table- Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy

* CBD for treatment of Anxiety

* Psilocybin for depression – Peak Experience and Amygdala changes by Leor Roseman

* Mendel Kaelen: Music and Psychedelics

* MDMA for psychotherapy and Anxiety in Life Threatening Illness