Balancing life between two continents


Every year, I make sure to spend some time in Europe in a few chunks of time to reconnect with that part of my life. As someone who has lived away from her original tribe for over 7 years, I find it a necessary to stay grounded. I am just back from a month spent there for an incredible break that seemed much longer than it actually was. I spent a week at my mom’s country house, reconnecting with old friends who visited and taking long walks in nature. I stopped by Paris for a few days and went on to a wedding in Germany, before flying for by ten days to Portugal for the BOOM festival with my sister. Then I made sure to come back in time to surprise my mother on her birthday, followed by a visit to my dad in beautiful Brittany. These few weeks were a real emotional feast, and I feel immensely grateful to have such a beautiful circle of friends and family.

This change of scenery also appears to be extremely helpful for my own creative process as well as to take time to step back and check in with where I am at and where I am going.

The main difficulty in all this is readjusting. As I came back to the JFK airport last Friday night, I was truly disconcerted. I thought to myself “what am I doing here?”. Well, I live here; I have a community here, a beautiful house where I run my business from, and my partner who lives here as well. And yet these answers didn’t feel enough for a few days. In the end two strategies were helpful to get out of my funk. The first was to take extra care of myself for a little while (getting a massage, seeing close friends, sleeping a lot), and the other thing was to take care of others. Getting the focus out of myself was a great way to reconnect with being back home.