Amour by Haneke

I watched “Amour” last night, the last Haneke movie that won Cannes.
I expected it to be difficult, and undoubtedly M.H is not one to spare his audience.
The film tells the story of an elderly couple (JL Trintignant and E.Riva) that experiences the inevitable decline of one of them. “A masterpiece about life, death and everything in between” as the NY times puts it.
A love story that shows the violence of slowly loosing a lifetime companion, played with immense grâce and dignity.
Towards the end of the movie J.L Trintignant says about a movie he watched when he was younger “I can’t remember the movie, but I remember my feelings”, a very appropriate remark regarding “Amour”.

The beautiful Bagatelles in G minor, op 126 (Beethoven) played by A. Tharaud in the movie: