Alla Bua – Pizzicarella

Cafe Regular

My sister Su was visiting for close to two weeks and left  yesterday.  That time together – just the two of us – is rare and precious.  It makes for the real closeness.  All the things shared without words – the places we live in, the little details of the everyday life; the proximity of people we love, the mood of our favorite coffee shop nearby, the co-op experience, the little things that currently make us happy, the route I walk to visit my friends, the smell of the air and the color of the sky.  The music we listen to, the way we feel late at night when our souls are tired and seek comfort; that knowing silence after hours of walking through the city near one another.  Adjusting our pace.  A last confidence while smoking a cigarette or drinking at night.  Waking each other up in the morning and snuggling. Making each other tiny presents just for the sake of opening something.  Her telling me I’m the “roi” when I’m down and letting me hide in her neck.  Sharing silly thoughts just to get it off your chest.

I miss her already, and yet I am nourished and grounded by her visit.  The little piece of music below makes my heart lighter because it comes from her.  Happy spring!